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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
Who will be the Next Mayor Denver: Who Marcus Giavanni Will Be Next Mayor Denver

Published 9/27/2017 6:30 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County of Denver | Who will be the next Mayor of Denver | 2019 | Candidates | Mayor Michael Hancock 3rd term | Kayvan Khalatbari | Resistors | vs | Democrats | vs | Nonpartisan Elections 2019

Who will be the Next Mayor of Denver: GP7A News asks ... Who will be the "Next Mayor of Denver 2019", the million dollar question. On who will be the next Mayor of Denver. Who will be the Mayor of Denver, learning all 700+ departments DenverGov.org. Who will be the Mayor of Denver. Will Be the  Mayor Of Denver. No matter how you scriptit, code it, or back wards mask it. It still the same. The same old song and dance for to coming 2017 elections, 2018 elections, 2019 elections, and  the most notable 2020 elections. Where the polters are plotting their next presidential campaign,. To, take down our current president Donald J. Trump. 

Snipt it Note: "GP7A News: Marcus Giavanni 2019"." 

So, when you think about the conversations of those, being indexed every day. And they never really responded to the content they are talking about. In fear of retribution, or getting fired, or disallowed, assaulted, suffer property damage, (and their family members in law enforcement are getting urine, and other foul matter, poured in the eyes faces, and bodies. or standing down, protection of law enforcement from harm; something United States doesn't see to often. By those who claim ... 1st amended rights, over others, everyone, and everything. This is not democracy.

GP7A New ... reported on "NFL National Anthem Controversies" I heard the best monolog, by a nonpartisan source to most things. Host, Tucker Carlson what shaping, on the minds of the citizens, on the Tucker Carlson Tonight, Show.; #1 Show on FOX News, Insider reports this:

Must View Video: Wake Up America!

Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/26/17 | Fox News | September 26, 2017


"Good Evening and welcome to the Tucker Carlson tonight"


The battle over the NFL Players and the National Anthem continues

Over the past couple of days. An array of media figures and political elites have demonstrated why they why they are often called talking heads, rather than thinking heads. As they repeatedly argue the president's attacks on those millionaire athletes protesters. Where both scary, and bigoted.

Tool alert: Here is why Black and Brown skis get railed up by … “Don Lemon” No American gets to tell another American, how to express their love, for this Country. Did you hear that.  If only that was true But it’s not true not even close. Not even close. Its disingenuous non- sense. The same people lecturing you about you about free speech. Will be the very first to call for your job. If you dare strayed, from the approved script of acceptable public discourse. They so insidious maintain, they are the word police.


They demand control over what you say and think. They could care less of about free expression, or individual conscience.  Much less about the 1st amendment. Don Lemmon stop Insulting US with this garbage, it is lying.


If you don’t believe it. Consider what would have happened, if the flag had been different. Image the professional athletes were protecting the Mexican Flag. Which of anything, is a more potent symbol of inequality, and institutional racism.  Than our Own.

Imagine players sitting in protest, as the Mexican Anthem was played. Would they be lauded as hero’s on CNN? Are you kidding. They would be denounced as bigots. And fired if they persisted. American elites, are more comfortable attacking their own country, that others. For the simple reason, they love it less.    


That’s the story here. Of course, the president tweets, have been incendiary, and ham-handed, they are almost always are. But how remarkable that our ruling class. The most privileged group in human history. 

Whose job, it is to ruin this country. Is willing to dismiss our nation symbols; as evil and illegitimate. And that’s supposed to be so, entirely acceptable. And Good, and unremarkable, that the mere act of criticizing it. Is a sign of Bigotry?

No country can continue with elites, this corrupt and STUPID. And normal people recognize it. – Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker Carlson 9.26.2017"."

What neighborhood: 2017/09/26/ Tucker Carlson battles attorney over race nfl protests