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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
Protecting Present & Building Future City Denver Marcus Giavanni
Protecting Present & Building Future City Denver Marcus Giavanni

Protecting Present & Building Future City Denver Marcus Giavanni: Innovation Love and Peace


City and County of Denver: GP7A News, Marcus Giavanni, http://futuredenver.com/city-and-county-of-denver.html City and County candidate for mayor, is Marcus Giavanni. And since 2011 Marcus Giavanni has been talking about Protecting the Present & Building the Future City and county of Denver, Colorado. Our current Mayor Michael Hancock over the years … Mayor Michael Hancock, and his operatives. Have been silently plagiarizing Marcus Giavanni’s content. They think nobody is paying attention, but insiders say … Mayor Hancock and his friends, are suppressing, its citizens, and using children as pawns.


“GP7A News: Asks, did you see this one? Protecting the Present & Building the Future City and County of ... https://www.denvergov.org/.../denvergov/.../Non-Residential_Dry_Floodproofing_Re... Feb 8, 2016 - city and county of Denver, CO 80202. 720-865-3003 www.denvergov.org. Protecting the Present & Building the Future. Accountability, Innovation, Empowerment ... Want to help shape Denver's future? City officials to host workshops to ... www.denverpost.com/2016/10/03/shape-denvers-future-denveright-workshops/ Oct 3, 2016 - The city and county is hosting five “Denveright” workshops spread out around the city to present the opportunity for conversations on ... Did you hear about Innovation Love and Peace.

Look at this City and County Voters’. Conversations Marcus Giavanni  Our Mayor does not know how to come up with the Mayor’s own ideas. Mayor Hancock … has to steal others work, and claims it as the City of DEN. Or even worse call it Mayor Michael Hancock. Whom by the way failed to be part of the DEN Mayoral Debates 2015. Mayor Michael Hancock’s handlers told him.

 “You don’t want to debate Marcus Giavanni, Mayor Michael Hancock. Giavanni will hand you your ass. Even though the League of Women Voters (Alleged mouthpiece Democratic party, see the Google Books 1977), The league of Women Voters Denver, League of Women Voters Colorado, League of Women Voters United States. League of Women Voters should go to jail, or at least lose their League of Women Voters of DEN Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization. tax exempt status. But since all the leaders are democrats, who is going say anything? KARMA

Want more, why is the Denver Technology bosses made at Marcus Giavanni. See, Oracle Fines DEN. And did you hear about DEN hitting an all-time high of violence Mayor Michael Hancock. Everything not Good in Denver. #TaptheVote - Marcus Giavanni

Waht is  Innovation, Love and Peace, and how will Innovation Love and Peace.Restore 
the city and county of Denver's Government., without hurting those in power for 54 years.