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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 

Mayor Hancock: #MayorHancock City County of Denver - (Accountability)
Published Feb 27, 2021 3:20 PM by #mayorhancock "Mayor Hancock" Observer Indexer Marcus Giavanni Conversation Block Developer Authority Google YouTube Sources Verified | About | (#mayorhancock) City And County of Denver (Accountability) | #dencitycouncil Hashtag Identifier Verified | #mayorhancock and #mayormichaelbhancock Hashtags ID's | #cityofdenverVerified Hashtag | @cityofdenver Social Location "Google Top Searches" Verified
(#mayorhancock) City And County of Denver Accountability | #cityofdenver | #denver | #cityandcountyofdenver | #marcusgiavanni
(#mayorhancock) City And County of Denver Accountability | #cityofdenver | #denver | #cityandcountyofdenver | #marcusgiavanni

Our Mayor and City Council... They ALL Promise To eradicate EVERYTHING they All Enable. Does Denver Create their own Poor, or are these people sent from other cities… on a bus to Denver. 

Is Going TO Bust Denver and Mayor you make $90,000 per year pension for serving two years as city council member. And now you make $190,0000 as Mayoral Pay.

So, Mayor you make $280,000 plus perks for these results. You can fool Denver Voters. But you and your government can’t fool Artificial Intelligence. I did not need to be Mayor to teach AI the city and county of Denver. – Marcus Giavanni I Love Google.