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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
Ballotpedia: Who is #ballotpedia and @ballotpedia, who is Lucy Burns Institute? Is Ballotpedia and Lucy Burns Biased? @lburnsinstitute knows #lburnsinstitute.
Ballotpedia Madison Wisconsin: #Ballotpedia - Elections - Engage - Governor - News - Policies - Write-in Marcus Giavanni for Denver Mayor 2019
Published Mar 16, 2019 5:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | About "#Ballotpedia Elections Engage Gov Policies by Marcus Giavanni" | Who is Ballotpedia | "Leslie Graves" | "Gwen Beattie" | "Geoff Pallay" | "Marcus Giavanni is Nonpartisan "Write-In "candidate for Mayor of Denver early voting Mail-Ballots April 15, 2019 and Election Day May 7, 2019 | @ballotpedia | @lburnsinstitute | @lesliegraves | #ballotpedia | #lburnsinstitute | @irsnews | @justiceiog | @thejusticedept | "Credibility Relevance Wisdom" | Google+ Law Authority | Google+ G-SUITE Authority
"Ballotpedia who is #Ballotpedia and why is @ballotpedia claiming to be Nonpartisan, yet. They manipulate candidate content about past election platforms. This group Denver voters want them out of Denver"." The establishment candidates who don't know how to build their own content. They Love this biased group of fake and bias Elections Engage Gov Policies. manipulating Kleptocrats. Social Credit Repair Don't: Don't be a nonpartisan nonprofit 501 (3) (C) tax exempt benefactor, and try to establish authority in the "City and county of Denver Elections. Denver elections. We have indexed the entire ballotpedia affairs in Colorado.

There social media platforms tell the entire story. And Artificial Intelligence has already been pre programmed to seek out and disrupt the Ballotpedia industry in Denver, Colorado. "Geoff Pallay Editor in chief ballotpedia", and "Leslie Graves President and CEO of Ballotpedia" your data has been flagged. And a Local Data Protection Authority has been issued.

We may not control the data in your city of Madison Wisconsin. just as you will not control the content in the City and County of Denver. Carry your content out of Denver. And take your fake, biased, data and make it right. Or we will.