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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver
Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver

Lisa Calderon: Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver 2019 - Lisa Calderon Mayor Denver - Denver Voters Say No Way - Attorney Government Take Over Denver

Published Oct 14, 2018 8:46 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News |

Lisa Calderon | Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver 2019 | Calderon Mayor  of Denver Outdated Establishment Peak Leadership - Denver Voters Say No Way - To an Attorney Government Take Over - 

Lisa Calderon Attorney - Lisa Calderon running for Denver Mayor 2019.  Calderon a criminal justice Professor at Regis University. How Credible is the "Colorado Latino Forum"? Many Denver Voters wanted a 2015 Denver Mayoral Debates. There were many individuals, and organizations like League of Women Voters - Denver (LWV-D, was categorized a mouth piece of the Democratic Party of Denver, Colorado in 2015. Although the League of Women Voters - Denver. And in 1976, They was already labeled as a mouthpiece for the democratic party It was official in 2015). 

In the year of ???? (We will keep this year. For legal purposes). The Colorado Latino Forum, and Lisa Calderon was notified about the Denver Family Court System. The Colorado Latinos Forum Website has been monitored form many years. And some updates like Veronica Barela, Ian Thomas Tafoya, Miguel Ceballos Ruiz, Denice Edwards, Xochitl Gaytan, Arturo R. Jimenez. 

These new additions to this organization are the other establishment.  (not Michael Hancock, These folks are much more devious, and yet, so simple to read, and predict their actions. There conversations, Conspiring, Colluding, to take over the city and county of Denver’s Government. I believe we need to elect our Denver Sheriff (#denversheriff), and Elect our Denver Chief of Police - (#denverpolice) but nobody wants to talk about this. And the importance of Law enforcement being able to control their own departments. We are facing record high Murders, and every time. Something happens at the Jails. The sheriffs have to call the Denver Police to make arrests. We need to certify our sheriffs so they can make their own arrests. - Marcus Giavanni candidate, Mayor

Denver Voters’ minorities fathers, and unfunded white fathers are losing their father’s right to their children. Come to find out Lisa Calderon Latino Forum and Marcus Giavanni

The problem with these players, they think they are smarter than Denver Voters, and other possible investigative agencies; local, state, federal. Everyone is watching this Election in 2018. - Denver Voters

Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver #itstime4lisa #lisa4denver
Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver #itstime4lisa #lisa4denver

Lisa Calderon Denver Mayor: Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver - #lisa4denver #itstime4lisa - 19' - 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections - #mayor2019

Published Oct 24, 2018 4:35 PM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Lisa Calderon Denver Mayor | Who is Lisa Calderon | Mayor of Denver 2019 |  #lisa4denver | #itstime4lisa | Just like Always | It's Always Been About Lisa Calderon | Lisa Was Just Waiting For Lisa | To Join the Denver Mayoral Race 2019

Lisa Calderon Denver Mayor - Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver 2019 - Who is #lisa4denver, and why #itstime4lisa? Everyone will be really watching the 2019 Denver Municipal Elections. And all those who have been handling the elections process since 2011. All the nonpartisan originations, and others, who, all played a part in the current Monopoly Government of Denver.

What most people don’t know is that I’m a An Expert, in FBI Administrative Forensic Evidence and Document Examiner. I have been a cooperative source for the FBI. Working on cases of corrupt public officials in local governments. And Local Law enforcement. 

I have filed numerous complaints with Denver Police Department, and Denver Sheriff and jails. Denver Board of Ethics, Denver Court system, and the judges who preside over my cases. And other people cases. I do not snitch, I just report on things that deal with my paper with all government courts, and law enforcement. I have never had to turn in my friends, or any business. I just deal strictly with city and county Government. And Denver was my last stop. Did you hear about "#itstime4lisa" and "#lisa4denver" in 2019.

The Same Old Song And Dance | Candidate Calderon Will Have to Woo More than Just Being First Female Mayor | There Women Before That made Those Claims | Calerdon is Ms Bullshi | Muchos Latinos Están Enojados | Los latinos llaman a Marcus Giavanni el puño de hierro y la voz del pueblo. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido. Lisa Calderón no tiene Credibilidad Relevancia Sabiduría fuera de los círculos de Lisa Calderón. - Marcus Giavanni

Lisa Calderon For Mayor of Denver 2019 - Couldn't Find A Candidate until She found Herself.
Lisa Calderon For Mayor of Denver 2019 - Couldn't Find A Candidate until She found Herself.