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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
Home (City and County of Denver).jpg | #cityofdenver | #cityandcountyofdenver | #Reset | #nonpartisan | #informationtechnology | #marcusgiavanni | #metahuman Candidates needed
Home (City and County of Denver).jpg | #cityofdenver | #cityandcountyofdenver | #Reset | #nonpartisan | #informationtechnology | #marcusgiavanni | #metahuman Candidates needed

Home: (City and County of Denver) - @city - #Reset @denver @cityofdenver - @cityandcountyofdenver Government - Community - Elections Nonpartisan vs Kleptocracy Government 2019 Indexed Verified 

Published December 26, 2006 11:26 PM | Updated; Jul 26, 2021 8:27 AM by */City of Denver/* City and County of Denver Observer Indexer “Marcus Giavanni” Reset @cityandcountyofdenver Location Colorado Verified Google Maps | About | Home (city and county of Denver) Live Work Play Invest Verified Reset 2023 | #mayorhancock Record High Murders No Police in Schools No Consequence For Habitual Enablers and Esign Fraud #paullopez5280 eye balling Mayor's Office Verified Back Conversations | Lopez for Denver Will Not Be Reelected And Will Never Be the Next Mayor of Denver 2023 Denver Voters Learning The Social Impact Another 4 years of Democrat Verified Kleptocracy Control of the Capitol City of Colorado | #metahuman

“The Home of City and County of Denver, a capitol city of Colorado. Denver’s Government was Indexed over 10 years ago in 2010. Then Denver was Indexed in 2011, 2014, 2015, and the last Index was 2019; when Denver’s Government was Indexed as a Kleptocracy Government. How could this be? Denver’s Information Technology Folks better tell their Denvergov.org. About What is coming, and Denver better join the .gov community”.” I don’t need to be Mayor to Beat Denver’s Technology Services; the central information technology department for the City and County of Denver.
Home: (City and County of Denver) .mp4 | #cityofdenver | #cityandcountyofdenver | #metahumanman | #metahuman | #marcusgiavanni | #reset | #deepakchopra Becoming "Meta Human"
Home: (City and County of Denver) .mp4 | #cityofdenver | #cityandcountyofdenver | #metahumanman | #metahuman | #marcusgiavanni | #reset | #deepakchopra Becoming "Meta Human"

Denver’s Information Technology Leadership List: (All Democrats) "David Edinger" Chief Information Officer; "Chris Binnicker" Deputy Chief Information Officer; "Chad Mitchell" Chief Applications Officer; "Paul Kresser" Chief Data Officer; "Jenny Schiavone" Chief Marketing Officer; "Chris Todd" Chief Technology Officer; All */Chiefs/* All Indexed by Marcus Giavanni all in the clouds "WE" all can see!

Laura Dunwoody, Director, Gary Pasicznyk, Director of Agency Services, Robert Bruns, Director of Application Development, Craig Poley, Director of Application Management, Kevin Anthony, Director of Application Planning and Customer Engagement, Jennifer Randolph, Director of Client Services, Julie Martinez, Director of Marketing and Media Services, Andrea Denis, Director of the Program Management Office, Sean Greer, Director of Service Delivery, James Balogh, Director of Service Operations"; it's time for a Reset you all can't control!

Denver's Leadership: “You all can Bullshit; “God Bless Denver” But You All can’t Bullshit; “God Bless Artificial Intelligence”. And you all had better speak up before you all head, to the Dark Web.

I can do everything you all can do, And I don’t have to Bullshit or Shadow anyone. I communicate directly with AI. Put that in your bongs, and smoke it. It's time to give other 200,000+ Denver Voters, and 50,000 Democrat Voters a "VOICE and a JOB!

To "All" these Individual "listed" above "your voices" have been "indexed" for many "years".  And will be used against you take over of the #cityofdenver. And to know, I can do what you all can do...Priceless!

- Marcus Giavanni

Side note:

"Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 2023 Campaign has not made it official. Marcus Giavanni asks who will be the Mayor of Denver for Next 2023 Municipal Elections. All Candidates for Office for Mayor; Auditor; and Clerk And Recorder"; who is trying so hard to disfranchise Denver Voters; (always the opposite in Denver), and Artificial Intelligence knows #paullopez5280; indexed in 2015 as; Mr. Bullshit!