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What is Green Roof Initiative City of Denver Ballot Voting is November 7, 2017
What is Green Roof Initiative City of Denver Ballot Voting is November 7, 2017

Green Roof Initiative: City and County of Denver, CO 80202-3580 Ballot Initiative of the Worse Kind 100% Verified

Published Sep 7, 2017 12:53 Pm | Update Oct 18, 2017 4:48 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States | Colorado | City and County of Denver | Green Roofs | For Everyone | Ballot Initiative | 11.7.2017


GP7A News:  What is Green roof Initiative? And who's behind this brain child, that has no business, becoming law. Next, it will be ... Brandon Rietheimer, is going to make sure Denver citizens comply with his laws. Do you folks, even know, how much this will cost; not to mention the roof loads, that will have to be refigured, recalculated, and redrawn. To meet the requirements, based on his law, and his idiotic numbers. And how spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, to save a dime. WTF!

"GP7A News: Updated 10/18/2017 City and County of Denver, CO. Algorithm content change. We had did an experiment on how. Advanced Algorithms work, and chace when dates, and content are manipulated. And the conversation, being indexed, by those who visited our assets." And found miss information, is is what these individuals do, and say. "Content, alternative words, and spelling. All being indexed by Google. Sometimes times you have to go live, and through one's self under the city bus. Remember, Denver Elections for the year 2017 will be held on November 7, 2017"."

GP7A News asks … Brandon Rietheimer do you have rooftop gardens on your roofs, of property you own. Besides some voter be saying’ you don’t own any property in Denver, CO. How can you make people follow a law, to make them spend money to enrich you, and your gang of fools!

Brandon, you be hanging out with Mayor Michael Hancock, because, he’s not stupid enough, to pull this work of genius law bating. Believe me! Mayor Michael Hancock, http://mayor2019.com/hancock-mayor.htmlwill have to side with candidate Marcus Giavanni. What say you Mayor Hancock? Then you have Kayvan Khalatbari, http://mayor2019.com/kayvan-khalatbari.htmlwho does not know how to come up with his own ideas. Kayvan Khalatbari will act as if . He started the conversations, look at dates voters. You are being manipulated, and I'm the bad guy. LOL Keep an eye out for Fake and bias media supporters. They have it all wrong and they don't even know it. Sad but true.

Folks, the next thing, this precedence law will do, just like insurance, make you pay for something you don’t want. Can’t afford, while someone, like Brandon Rietheimer, has figured the weakness of Denver Voters’ wanting to be the Green city, it’s not; 100% Guaranteed verified facts. Sorry folks.


Brandon Rietheimer, when you start telling people you must buy to comply. And create laws to support your quick 15 minutes of fame, and quick money schemes. It’s not gonna work friend.

Just say No to Brandon Rietheimer Green Roof Law. And if you put your ear to the street, or like I can do. Put my eyes on Google analytics. And I know, 100% that this is a fantasy that will not come to fruition, when the silent voters, vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017


What is the Green Roof Initiative, it's the Wrong Choice "City and County of Denver".Brandon Rietheimer, NO WAY! #TaptheVote - Marcus Giavanni

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