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"Google Blockchain 5G Network Technology Artificial Intelligence Identifiers. Google Blockchain Developer SMO Worldwide and Management.com, Marcus Giavanni has Google+ Law Authority"
Google Blockchain 5G Network Technology Artificial Intelligence
Google Blockchain 5G Network Technology Artificial Intelligence
Google Blockchain: Google Blockchain 5G Network Technology Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - GP7A
Published June 26, 2018 12:32 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Google Blockchain Technology | Google Cloud OnBoard | 5G Network Technology | AI | ML | MAN-G

Google Blockchain - Google Blockchain Technology - - "Google Cloud OnBoard Infinity Park Glendale Colorado". Google Blockchain Technology has been around for some time. But many developers used 2nd and 3rd party vendors/applications for their platforms. And most ignoring the new 5G Network Technology, and the Artificial Intelligence, and the Machine Learning to make Google #1 in future Blockchain advancement of its technology platforms, and Google AdWords integration.

Most people here Blockchain they automatically think Bitcoin or another form of Cryptocurrency. And like most trolls, certain media will come out and call people the leaders in a Blockchain Industry. When in fact they themselves have no authority on choosing who is the leader in Blockchain Technology.

Before the advanced Algorithm Identifierswhere established in 2015. Anyone with any sort of authority could give recommendations or appoint whoever they wanted, to be in the club. And quickly, take on the new role as the expert in Blockchain Technology.

The good news. This no longer works on Internet For now it’s all about Credibility, Relevance, and Wisdom. It’s all about Google+ Law Authority, Google My Business, Google Authorship, Google Internet of Thing (G-IOT), and most important Google Cloud OnBoard, And All Google Products and Services.

In the next few years. There will be a Internet Market Adjustment. And in 2020, The Petabyte Dump will be in full in power. And it all started in 2011, 2015 was the indexing of ioT (Internet of Things) -

Marcus Giavanni

Google Blockchain Technology Artificial Intelligence 5G Network

Google Blockchain