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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
Council district 11 and Marcus Giavanni Denver.
Council district 11 and Marcus Giavanni Denver.

Denver City Council District 11 Candidates 2015

Prediction For Denver City Council 11

Candidate Tea Schook

Council District 11

Candidate Tea Schook is a DIA Administrator is very

important if Denver wants to compete on the International

stage for Business, Hospitality and Travel.

Denver will need such a person like Candidate

Schook for City Council District.

Candidate Schook will be able to help everyone

including, the new mayor of Denver in order to keep our

commitments to other municipalities. Candidate Tea

Schook has the leadership needed to help not only #11, but

the other Council Districts, needing to know why it's

important to listen to Candidate Tea Schook.

List of Ballot Candidates For Denver City Council 11

In Oder of Ballot placement by the Denver Elections Division

Tim Camarillo

Phone: 720-203-0474

Website: http://democracy.com/TimCamarilloDistrict11Profile/bio.aspx


Facebook: Tim Camarillo for Denver City Council District 11

Stacie Gilmore

Phone: 303-720-9139

Website: www.votestaciegilmore.com

Email: Stacie@votestaciegilmore.com

Facebook: Vote Stacie Gilmore


Shelli Brown

Phone: 303-819-3490

Website: www.shellibrown.com

Email: info@shellibrown.com


Sean Bradley

Phone: 720-891-6533


Tea Schook

Phone: 303-829-7868 303-667-9289

Website: www.teaschook.com

Email: heytea@teaschook.com

Facebook: Tea Schook for Council 11

Twitter: @tea4denver

Denver Deserves Democracy

Marcus Giavanni: Every Voice Counts

Council District 11 Candidates

Council District 11 candidates, who are the city council candidates for council district 11, they got a forum, mayoral did not, candidate Liz Adams. WS...You?

Council District 10 candidates, who are the candidates for city council district 11, why did these candidates get a forums, and Mayoral Candidates got the shaft.., like
. I personally
walked hundreds of Denver streets to gather signatures so that my name would be included on the ballot for the May 5, 2015 Mayoral elections. One question I heard over and over again was, "When are the Debates?

Council District 11 candidates. I told voters to go to Denver Decides for the locations, date and times.
Unfortunately, Mayor Hancock refuses to debate the other Mayoral candidates on the ballot. 

Council District 11 Candidates

As of 3/26/2015 there are no scheduled Mayoral Debates for this 2015 Denver Municipal Election. In fact, this may be the first time in the
history of Denver elections, that an incumbent refused to debate the issues.

Please contribute to my campaign so that we can hold Mayor Hancock accountable and have the debate we need to decide the future of Our Denver Metropolis.
Council District 11 Candidates
Giavanni for Mayor Every Voice Counts
Marcus Giavanni Independent Candidate for Denver Mayor Every Voice Counts
Marcus Giavanni:  Independent Candidate for Denver Mayor
"Our Denver Metropolis"
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Denver Council District 11 Art Gallery Locations.
Denver Council District 11 Art Gallery Locations.
City and County of Denver District 11 Candidates Information.
City and County of Denver District 11 Candidates Information.