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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 

Denver City Council district 2 Post Election Information on the Marcus Giavanni Show talks about Kevin Flynn, Council District 2
Denver City Council district 2 Post Election Information on the Marcus Giavanni Show talks about Kevin Flynn, Council District 2

Denver 2015 Post Election Information Marcus Giavanni Show 

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Denver 2015 Post Election Information
City and County of Denver Council District 2

Denver Voters were able to ask the tough questions that were given to "Denver City Council Candidates" candidates for the long awaited ""Denver City Council Debates and Forums"" were held at various council district locations throughout the boundaries of the city and county of Denver. There are 11 "Denver City Council Districts" with two "Denver City Council At Large" was determined by Denver Inc, (Larry Ambrose), League of Women Voters Denver, Historic Denver, Denver Decides, and Denver TV8

It was decided by these few select individuals and Non-profit organizations, and city and county of Denver's "Denver Decides" and their own television station called Denver "TV8".

We have been investigating the city and county of Denver since 2007, and we will start with the "Denver Elections Division".

Lets start on How-to get a job with the Denver Election Division. Someone with in the Denver Elections Division told us that they hire only democrats, and that they run said applicants, through the Denver Voters Registration. And from members of  "DYD".

Nevertheless, this person (DED) told us to Google Search "Who Operates the Denver Election Division Employees" these infiltration tactics of Denver's Election Division with ruling party and election process has been going on since 2010.  (documented on Public Domain). 

When Marcus Giavanni ran for write-in candidate for Denver Mayor he started to see some serious discrepancies in the petition process, to even become a qualified candidate. This information is in the hands of the appropriate authorities. And we are unable to to release that information.

Now, is it clear why Marcus Giavanni should have been elected Mayor on May 5, 2015. Then Candidate Marcus Giavanni knew then, as we all now...know. that a Monopoly of the City and County of Denver has it's grip of the city and county of Denver.

How did this happen, Voters giving up, and the ruling party infiltrating their voters, in key positions within the city and county of Denver. Thus, creating a Monopoly and take over of the city and county of Denver, by the ruling party known, as Democrat.

The Denver General Elections for 2015 was nothing new, but the shake up, was when it was determined by Denver Inc, (Larry Ambrose), League of Women Voters DenverHistoric DenverDenver Decides, and Denver TV8 and a select few individuals in the power play of the take over of the City and County of Denver.

Rest assure citizens of Denver, and the voters who took us to a point of the election process in the city and county of Denver.

Know you know the rest of the story. The question is..what the HELL, are you going to do about it!

The young Millennials of Denver, as well as other voters (Especially Democrats) these voters, they love their Debates, and Forums.  This is a time of hearing and watching their candidates, battle it out, and it allows Denver Voters to gather and talk about the issues facing Denver. (Not just Democrats or Republicans, but all Denver Voters)

The city and county of Denver governance is a non-partisan election process,established in 1913. (No, it does not mean they leave out party affiliation on the ballot, that's part of the gambit of deception that the currents administrations has for its power grab, over all of you, and everything).

Nevertheless, Denver Voters are talking, not the 94,000 Denver voters who voted for this monopoly and coronation of Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock. But the voters who did not pay attention, do to the lack luster, the media and the Denver Elections Division underhandedness, and lack of transparency.

The sad thing, all the scholars, all the bright attorneys, all the power grabbers and infiltrators, the so called educated professionals; who stood by and watch Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni and the 8,033 voters fighting for the TRUTH!

We did not need to win, to win!

Boom Baby.

Denver General Elections 2015 Winners.

This candidate that won the Denver General Elections on May 5, 2015 and who stood by and answered why Denver voters; were denied a chance to hear their candidate battle it out in the Denver Mayoral Debates. but this never happened. The candidate Rafael Espinoza, did express, his feeling to Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni

Why was there no "Denver Mayor Debates or Forums" for this election process.

The Future of Denver, in the next four years, will be, as to Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni predicting the current situations in the city and county of Denver; during his campaign. 

These revelations, are not based on whimsical assumptions, but based on the truth within the content, or knowledge of set of events, that have occurred  and/or are curing, based on the present facts of evidence.

Denver, Post Election 2015 for District 2 City Council.
Denver, Post Election 2015 for District 2 City Council.
Marcus Giavanni:  Independent Candidate for Denver Mayor
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City Council District 2 Denver, Post Election Information on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX.


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