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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
"Denver: Governor John Hickenlooper Colorado Blockchain Technology Council GOV-team, D-team in Blockchain Technology. Google Blockchain Marcus Giavanni 2018"."
Colorado Blockchain Technology Council
Colorado Blockchain Technology Council

Google Blockchain Technology Council: Google Mayor CAN Marcus Giavanni to Governor John Hickenlooper Colorado Blockchain Technology Council

Published June 24, 2018 4:10 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado Blockchain Technology | Governor John Hickenlooper | Appoints 12 | Colorado Blockchain Technology Council| Marcus Giavanni The Leader in Google Blockchain Development | Google Cloud

Blockchain Technology – Colorado Blockchain Technology - - Google Blockchain Technology and Google Cloud Onboard, Artificial Learning, Machine Learning. Colorado Blockchain Technology Council 12 member crew. And out of that 13, even the government reps who sit on this council lack the years of experience it takes to write content. That allows these people the content to educate themselves about Blockchain, Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Data, Blockchain Images, Blockchain Videos. Blockchain Conversations. Upwards-Jump- Forward. - "Machine LearninF."

Dear Governor John Hickenlooper, your selection is off. And Downtrodden those who have are Google verified, will beat those who are not. Then add Google+ Law Authority, Google Authorship. And I GROW, and so will the Http://cityandcountyofdenver.net. You can fool everyone with your script flipping. But you can't do that on MY GOOGLE! OUR GOOGLE! Kleptocrats busy stealing others hard work and claiming Authority, and Authorship. Your Foolishness, and lack of Credibility, Relevance, and the Wisdom to have known the rules on Google! - Marcus Giavanni


Did you hear about the Colorado Blockchain Technology Council Colorado. Colorado Blockchain , a term everyone likes to claim authority to. When the only authority they have. Is talking about, what they read on another people or entity websites, or Google Search. For Google content, images videos, text. Our Governor John Hickenlooper has reached his 6 months of being Colorado Governor 2018. And though he took the right step, Our governor Could have done this in 2015. When I was telling everyone about the Future Denver.

Colorado needed a Blockchain Technology Council. But when you look at the 12-member council. One must question the exact authority. These named individuals have over the Category of Blockchain Technology?

When, in fact, there were far more experienced Google Developers, like Marcus Gianni, and others. Who have come together by meeting of the programmable minds of artificial intelligence, and machine learning that can alter an entire conversation to the power of 10+. - GP7A News


YouTube: Colorado Blockchain Technology Council - Governor John Hickenlooper - What Do you know about Blockchain - GP7A News

Published June 30, 2018 2:53 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States | Colorado | Blockchain Technology | Council |Advance | Blockchain Technology City and County | Blockchain Not Just for Cryptocurrency 
Blockchain: Blockchain Technology, what? "Blockchain Colorado, use Colorado Blockchain Technology Council. Published June 29, 2018 6:03 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Established by @Govhick next, Governor "@jaredpolis" and "@walkerstapleton".

What do you know about #blockchain"," or #googlecloudonboard, @denverteachers, no more theatre. As the Mayor elect I will get our Denver teachers Raises, and@CityofDenver Employees!

Did you hear about #timesuphancock. I can guarantee this Denver citizens will never be lied to, mislead, coerce, manipulated, or go homeless. But if you moved, or are planning to move to Denver to suck up our welfare system. That was Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's ... shtick! YA'  heard me brother Michael???

Because those folks at the "7th ave Colorado Blvd precinct'. They are telling their friends, their is a new leader in town. - Marcus Giavanni

Blockchain Technology Blockchain Data Content Google Blockchain
Blockchain Technology Blockchain Data Content Google Blockchain
Sponsor Nonpartisan Candidate United States Mayor of Denver, Colorado 2019
Sponsor Nonpartisan Candidate United States Mayor of Denver, Colorado 2019
People for a More Pragmatic Government: Mayor - #timesuphancock - Marcus Giavanni 2011 - 2015 - 2019 - GP7A News - Denver Colorado - HELP!
Published June 30, 2018 4:34 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Denver Colorado | People for a More Pragmatic Government | Speer Amendment 1913 | Monopoly | Kleptocracy | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019 | #TimesUpHancock | Marcus Giavanni | 2011 | 2015 | 2019 | 2018 Help!
Denver, Colorado - "People for a More Pragmatic Government" - - Denver Mayor, #timesuphancock - Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock - Marcus Giavanni 2011 - 2015 - 2019 - GP7A News - Denver Colorado - HELP!

People for a More Pragmatic Government on May 5, 2015. Denver Voters were pissed off, that there was no "2015 Denver Mayoral Debates". This was the first time ever. But Ballotpedia put it at 20 years.

"GP7A News: Located in Denver, Colorado. Loves the "People for a More Pragmatic Government" and the fact they are truly standing up for the Citizens, make Marcus Giavanni the only true citizens candidate"."

Have you ever heard of the "Speer Amendment 1913, and now comes Denver's Government lead by a Democratic Mayor since 1963. To put that in Verified terms; 54 years of a democratic Mayor, posing a a nonpartisan government. Sorry Folks, WTF!!!

We all wonder why we are losing all kinds of events. The the Countries who are Digital and Internet savoy. They are all learning about Credibility, Relevance, and Wisdom. If you are a country who operates with in internet, no cell phones, no digital footprint, 100% off the grid. This does not concern you, and your people should move!

The City and County of Denver has been categorize as a Monopoly Government since 2015 (It's actually longer, but digitally indexing, 2015.).

In 2017, Denver leaders were categorized as Klepotcrats. And if the same Hancock for Denver 2015 try their Bullshi, with Hancock for Denver 2019. Denver will be categorized as a Kleptocracy Government.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019. No way; #TimesUpHancock! By
Marcus Giavanni Candidate for Mayor 2011, 2015, 2019!

2018 Help! Help us, help Denver; re-establish it's identity (Government Identity Theft, by Democrats), as "Nonpartisan" Government.

Why is Marcus Giavanni running for Mayor of Denver. Marcus Giavanni is a Fluke, and when you go with the Fluke, You win, We all win.When you go against a fluke, nothing good; will come of it.

Especially on Google Search! The most expensive Google Cloud Real Estate in the World. Where Google Blockchain Content Developers build the foundation, to support AdWords!

"Yes, "Google AdWords" is now known as "AdWords".
- Marcus Giavanni