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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 

2023 Municipal Elections: (@tonypigford) - "Tony Pigford" - #Elections - "City and County of Denver 2023" | Election Date | "May 9, 2023" Verified "Google Calendar" | About "(@tonypigford) Tony Pigford" #tonypigford Verified "Life Experiences" Google "Search" Results | Who is "Paul D. Lopez" Denver "Clerk and Recorder" at #milehighclerk and @milehighclerk Verified Denver Elections | About | @paullopez5280 and #paullopez5280 and @pauldlopez and #pauldlopez Denver Colorado | @paullopez Wants To change the Date of Elections or Vote for Rank choice Voting in the Coordinated Elections Nov 7, 2021 Verified Google Calendar | @city of @denver 
(@tonypigford) Tony Pigford
(@tonypigford) Tony Pigford