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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 

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Published May 3, 2011 11:03 PM | Updated, July 27, 2021 6:11 AM by */Elected Official Offices/* Observer Indexer "Marcus Giavanni" Metahuman MAN Verified 2011 2015 2019 Mayoral Candidate | About | 2011 "Mayor Auditor Clerk Recorder City Council" 2021 "Who" will be the Next "Mayor" Verified Conversation Google | "Who" Will Be The Next "#Auditor | "Who" Will Be (Next) "#ClerkandRecorder" | Denvergov.org Indexed by Google Over 10 Years Ago and Verified 2015 Indexed 2019 | "Social Credit System Scores and Rankings"
Denver: "2011, The Mayor Auditor Clerk Recorder City Council Districts was first indexed in 2010; followed by more indexing in 2015. Where Denver was Indexed as a Monopoly Government (Not the Nonpartisan Government Denver is legally; operated as a Nonpartisan Government. Digitalized Municipal Code 2014"."
C-Programming a Community: There are at least 10,000 constituents who are die hard supporters of Marcus Giavanni For Mayor of Denver. 

They are hard core democracy first voters. My voters will not Vote write-in (They will not delegitimize those candidates who took the time to collect petitions for the right to appear on there Municipal Ballot) nor Rank Choice Voting (RCV) Supporters, and the big underground conversation (guided by AI).

Artificial Intelligence has machine learning capabilities. I have seen advanced algorithms going on between the Independent Citizen Voters and their Children. Republican Voters and Their children. And yes the old school Democrat Voters and their children. And they are all tired if being used, as pawns, and they're looking to restore, and rest Denver's current denvergov.org Organizational Kleptocracy Government path.

To a new trajectory; where partisan politics are finished in the "city and County of Denver". And we add true diversity and celebrate the lives of other citizens, who now, after 10 years, can brake the Democratic Code of Bullshit! (Denver was Indexed as a Monopoly Government in 2015. But the conversation started in 1976. 

With that said .... Democrats have been in power since 1963 and they have never looked back at there citizens they have destroyed, government relationships, destroyed, partisan, common core teaching in our Denver Public Schools; Creating homeless, and giving them tents. 

Oh... That Cheery Creak being the best school district is bullshit! To many fake and bias awards, etc. The good news these folks are all about to take a school trip to the Dark Web.

This award is called the Black Hat Abyss Awards. At BlackHatAbyss.com This is where it all starts. And its given by Artificial Intelligence 

" 2021 - Offices - #mayorhancock - #auditorobrien - #clerkandrecorderlopez - Government - Elections - Live - Work - Play - #metahuman (MAN) - Community - Esign - Debra Johnson 2019 - Stephanie O'Malley 2011